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San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

Dependant on the best when it counts, asymetrical sleds.

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Dependant on the best when it counts, asymetrical sleds.

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His feed back is priceless and the fundamental technique applied highlights only one thing... the ones that feel good. Jeremy Carter has been experimenting with these asymmetrical advantages for some time.

It's great to make a good board, but designing something around the causes and concerns of a riders vision is where true joy is found in my shaping. I made the first one of these and it was a little big and heavy for most conditions in mind. The beauty was that there was some magic in the sensation and the search for its solution was demanded.

Although ability will always triumph design, what is impressive and boils the core learning's to the top time and time again is when a board that feels good becomes a trusted treasure that is turned to on the right day for the best session. That is what the boards you love really are, that's what we are determined to build. This was a good wave thruster designed for Jeremy to accompany his channel bottoms and epoxy grovelers already in the rack that have all been carefully crafted and tailored to the contest demands and every day shreds.

A simple board, twisted rocker, off set central design and fin sort. Full heel rail and single into off set double concaves.

What is your vision for each part of your quiver. Jeremy choose this one on a recent Sunday morning and its a joy to be part of these waves rides, soaking up the best stoke, depending on the equipment when it counts. It's not all about epic days or crazy barrels, but whatever your vision and need for the sea, design and a conversation about its effects and beneficial advantages available are where it can start.

Asymmetry is a concept, lets apply the changes to any board or part of your quiver, built to let you enjoy your water the way you stand.

5'10 Left foot Forward

5'10 Left foot Forward

Jeremy Carter 5'10" asymmetrical Photo: @scprince