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Grain Re-Evolution Maine 5'th Annual

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Grain Re-Evolution Maine 5'th Annual

Donald Brink

Footage and photos: Brink

Footage and photos: Brink

Re-Evolution Festival Video here

The re-evolution festival in York Maine is a fixture on the local's surf calendar. I was invited to attend this years 5'th annual event and began my trip arriving in Boston.
It's a fascinating city steeped with history and architecture where the founding fathers of this country paved ways forward, from which we have thrived. Walking the granite paved side walks still there today brings thoughts of these brave trails blazers and their actions. Quick visit to the Boston public library, a look at some point breaks up North along the way and some introductions to the crew setting things up at the Grain surfboard's headquarters.
The farm is beautiful and would house the hundreds of stoked folk the following day and night for the revolutionary date. Perhaps the name Re-evolution suits the concept well.
We rode waves at the beach sharing craft of every kind. The waves were not large but there were opportunities for all to slide the long walls on belly or foot.
Back at the Farm Andy Davis shared his collection in the barn, it was an ideal setting as a gallery and with local food and craft beers being catered the gathering got real.
Live workshops for the kids, chit chat with friends from afar and a scheduled lecture series in the main workshop area on various topics concerning surf, boards and sustainable design.
It was an honor to be invited to share my thoughts and concepts on the asymmetric value of design and why it matters. With standing room only we began a conversation. Thanks to all those who engaged in the dialog and beyond boards and rocker the value of surfing and the fascination of its parts as an asset to our path is something we can explore any day and be better from its thought.
Jon Wegener conducted a workshop leading up to the event at the Grain farm. The students enjoyed their finished boards with us at the beach and I really enjoyed getting to share some thoughts and stories with Jon. He is a master craftsman and watching him work and riding his designs were great things on so many levels.
Thanks to the wonderful community of Maine the family of Grain and the welcome invitation you gave with open arms to see me return. I look forward to more North Eastern adventures.

Enjoy your Water
Donald Brink