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365 days to a future

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365 days to a future

Donald Brink

Similar birthday gifts year after year #greatful

Similar birthday gifts year after year #greatful

The uncanny possibility of such unplanned views down the beach same day, one year apart is worth a smile.

Yip it's autumn and I'm one year older, but more importantly there are going to be some small tubes to enjoy in town. Last year, I ran down the beach simply to get wet and start the day well on a fresh channel bottom I had finished up for myself. There was nobody around but Jeff Davis, at least that's how we enjoyed it for three quarters of an hour or so. One year later, another fresh sled in hand, loaded with all the same motivations and changes in its asymmetric value but of complete and utter disproportion yet enjoyed with a confident reference for the designs possibilities and freedoms built in for enjoyment. This year John O'Connor shared images from behind the lens and his constant support and encouragement in my path is very appreciated and worth more than just the memories and input he shares.

When so much seems the same from one year to another, is growth measured in ones ability to manage the demands that the tasks present? Perhaps the measure of trials in a light of pass or fail.

With a dedicated vision for the future and confidence in the asymmetric concepts unwavered, yet seemingly more etched.  Same path, day by day, bringing change to many.

Can the crippling view of a future be fueled enough by love to make a vision seem attainable?

I don't think so.

What does seem true is that love can be bigger than it looks from here, this comprehension and the depths of it's potential can fuel anything worth dreaming about for the world. 

Here is to a new year, applying vision, understanding perspective, but more importantly beginning to fathom love.

Thanks for the many birthday wishes from friends and customers, far and near, that shared stoke, s'mores, barrels and Coors.