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The Saltwater Societé

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The Saltwater Societé

Donald Brink

Brad Bricknell:Photo William Course. @billeigh_72

Brad Bricknell:Photo William Course. @billeigh_72

Certain things we can train and develop, others we endure and the bravest of souls work toward freedom away from such things.

Brad Bricknell has one of the most polished and beautiful styles, he surfs with stellar fundamental techniques that cohesively blend on every wave. It is this kind of surfing that is difficult to learn from. You know; when things done in such a way that they just look natural and seem to be completed with ease. He was clearly nervous of the radical changes applied to this board, a few sessions later he is curiously captivated and treasures it's flavor.

This is Brad, I looked up to him as a grom and since our paths crossed again from opposite ends of the world now, I'm humbled by his lead. The debilitating effects of depression are know by those who suffer its violent hold and understood by those who see the day to day struggles such tortured loved ones face. I didn't know of Brads struggles, perhaps his bravery in being so open about the effects it has and yet the victory available to those who engage in a road to be well was what really gave me understanding for the depth and passion he has to help others, and there are so many going through these sorts of things.

I'm excited to see the efforts unfold as The Saltwater Societé disassemble the stigma around depression and support many who are suffering from mental illnesses.

Surfing is a powerful thing, too much, too little you're toast. I constantly refer to it as a cultivation of the fascination for the sea. If you aware of the joys and challenges it offers on a variable time line with wind, swell and seasons so involved in the assembly of the favored platform, yet utterly and ultimately uncontrollable from any doing of our own. Perhaps this metaphor of being out of control of the things we so closely depend on is a great place to realize how similar surfing is to the lives we lead and why engaging in it with a healthy fascination can be a balanced element in a better path.

Follow The Saltwater Societé and benefit from the bravery of others as they share in the realities of these straggles together for you or your suffering loved ones.

I'm excited to learn more and be involved using the things we love like surfing, the sea and simple sleds.