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These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Donald Brink

Winners Dane and Ian. Blown minds and a united tribe

Winners Dane and Ian. Blown minds and a united tribe

...there was a an excitement in the gallery that was shared by those attending. There were varying degrees of nervousness between the entrants, the proud parents and foreign travelers from far and wide that were present.

Reality was, Vissla had created an opportunity to unite like minds and gave a reason to create something that before was only an imagined reality. The ocean minded were stoked at the thoughts turned into functional craft as they hung on the walls of the crowded space. The video loop showed the applications of the alternative craft in the sea and made for imagination of the process that much more real.

It was tough to be asked to pick a winner and truth was every selectedentrant thus far had already shone through a bright field of entries and was proud to be selected.

Design and innovative creativity are inspiring tributes that form the depth and functionality to any dependable craft. I spend my life wrestling with these concepts and discussing the details in every craft with the artists there was of such delight.

From fish box coolers, buckets, boxes and bottle tops. Band saws, toasters and belt sanders were used. It's great. It's design. It's within us.

This wasgladly announced to be an annual event and from the initial interest and entrants from around the globe, we cannot wait to see the things that will be up-cycled over time.

I recall the weekends event details and sit thinking about the imaginative crafts that were submitted with a coffee in hand on a Monday morning. What makes me most excited is knowing how many stoked surfers will be out there enjoying their craft they up-cycled and returning to or developing conceptual theories with the playground of the sea to enjoy. It is less about winning than having the courage to try, but what will make you feel alive is acting on the imagination that is planted with in you.

Enjoy Your Water

Donald Brink