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San Clemente, CA

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Shared actions of the mind. Discoveries and quests.

Six sense of wonder

Donald Brink

His style was beyond his years and the history being reapplied was that of his fathers youth.


Patric O'Connor wondering with instinct. Photo John O'Connor

Patric O'Connor wondering with instinct. Photo John O'Connor

...he held the rail knowing the board was for a bigger version of his present size. What was impossible to suppress was the curious wondering a of the sensations the added influence would bring. Looking up with a quick realization he should change his expression not knowing how long his thoughts had left him in this wondering state far off in a captive land. With a smirk he looked back down a felt the rails as if to Hope they had changed.

Riding channels generates sensations worth remembering. Quirky at times but fleeting snapshots of the stoke and feelings that are repeatedly enjoyed are part of the fascination in the first place. It's a big thing the ocean, getting to carve its surface should be channeled.

SIx Channel