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Giving thanks being Greatful

Donald Brink

Matt Pagan, Below the dividing line. Photo: Gage Hingeley

Matt Pagan, Below the dividing line. Photo: Gage Hingeley

Shaping has taught me many things. It's a time that is divided by absolute focus and then simply a completion of the task. What I have come to learn about myself is that the act of being creative is simply complex.

It's a necessary action but equally andalways a platform for thoughts and reflection. Creating and designing is a wonderful thing but the very value of the action is what I treasure most. It'simportant to cultivate these fascinations, it's simply how we are wired.

Thanks giving day today. Thoughts of what this means lead to the concept of it's basic root. Could being grateful be the best place from which to stare at any situation. It seems it is bound to develop thankfulness.

I'm grateful for so much and taking time to think about these things was best set aside to do a simple creative piece. Nothing excellent or fancy. Just a window of time with a view of the concept in ones mind being processed and pondered over. It lead me down an unending list of things I was sure never to think of in that order without doing so. 

Here it is ironically in reverse over Matt Pagan duck diving in Sumatra on a Fancy Free asymmetric and Gage Hingeley on the lens view.