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These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Shared actions of the mind. Discoveries and quests.

You don't know what you don't know...

Donald Brink

Donald Brink, Tom Morey, Carl Ekstom, Ryan Burch   Photo: Sharon Marshall  

Donald Brink, Tom Morey, Carl Ekstom, Ryan Burch 

Photo: Sharon Marshall  

Thank you to all those who supported the show and for the many new friends we made and familiar faces we saw. The Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center is a minefield of explosive ideas showcased well throughout the progression of our sport and art along the ages.  

Ridden wall hangers 

Ridden wall hangers 

It was an honor to be part of this line up and the candid stories that followed brief introductions were things that surprised us all as we listened to the simple and brave paths that each and every one has led. That, perhaps, is the most memorable thing I gathered from the attendance and the dialog. We are all on a simple path, along which are opportunities to apply dedication to avenues of fascination. These paths then become an inspiration, so long as we pursue them with excellence and an open mind.  


Act on what you do know, it will quickly show what you don't.  

Follow your path. 


Enjoy Your Water.