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Ho Stevie Go Pro mount Review

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Ho Stevie Go Pro mount Review

Donald Brink

Steve (Ho Stevie) was really kind to send me over a go pro mouth mount to try. I've used cameras on occasion  to see release and hold  engagement on rails and tails as I surf for concept development and fundamental testing. 



The mount served well as a handle of sorts to hold on when swimming around too with out my board. I am impressed with simple and well designed products that serve their purpose well and create obvious other overlapping uses within their application too. It makes one conscious of your breathing too (which was uninhibited) perhaps in big surf this could be a great asset to work on timing and focus between sets and rides.  If you going to enter the ocean with a Go pro, it seems like you should mount it on a Ho Stevie. Well done Steve

The mount is simple and worked really well. I look forward to getting into some proper waves some time and gathering some memory footage. 

For more info got to Ho Stevie