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Careers,talk live

Donald Brink

Key Note Speaking for Project Tomorrow 


I was recently asked by to talk with some San Diego students exploring careers in the science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) fields. The San Diego Unified School District sponsored the event which was hosted by Project Tomorrow helping equip students with what they need to do to be well prepared for the jobs of the future.

Slightly off the usual conversations of boards and more but it made me think of the things I wish I had been encouraged to think about and the those I have so far that could be useful to any one. 


Consider what you want to Solve in this world. It will guide your path and embrace your passion.  

Train your whole brain.

Read this Book (the Whole New Mind_by_Daniel Pink)

Balance your skill set, work on the things you will need but are not good at. 

We are all in sales, realize it.  

What you do if you do it well can have an effect on the entire world to some degree, this is important and should be valued and create a motivation for some meaning to your tasks beyond a daily fascination.  

Just be You. This is perhaps the most important thing. People can copy what you do but they can not be you.