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Donald Brink

a late night creative.  

ball point  

ball point  

A simple late night doodle for the appreciation of Fathers and the undeniable weight of being a dad. It's role worth trying to understand and perhaps the greatest opportunity to give and receive. 

I finished up some board drawings and conceptual sketches for an up coming project late last night and considered the pending morn.  

The house slept peacefully but the anxious arrival of the following day was fresh in all our minds from the near spilled secrets in conversation at the dinner table of my gifts that were to come when we woke. I just returned from some travel and all the family time right now has an exaggerated depth.  

I have always been one to engage in the creative process, my innermost tensions are unsettled with out it. It's not always what you make but the the feelings and journey in that process can be enough of the reason to do so. I work on every board pursuing excellence and perfection of design for the surfers vision. 

Tonight I had an urgency to commit to a simple vision of the minds eye and purely for the length of its task knew I would get to dwell on the blessings and the role of feeling the effects of the good fathers in my life translating these in my own family as I long to fill this role well for them too. 

Its a rough sketc on paper but the inspiration is a simple and pure black and white representation of the importance for margins around the role of a dad. 

My father is talented craftsman and his leather work and tooling is excellent. Here's to you dad and all the Fathers in my life, I hope to be a dad to many and inspire future gerenrations from your input.  

Thanks Dad.  

From the late night creative.