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These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

Story Board Steps and Stages #1

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Story Board Steps and Stages #1

Donald Brink

Wood Selection for Perfection

Wood Selection for Perfection

Wood Selection for Perfection.
When building a wooden board the most challenging part might be implementing a prescribed vision on the natural and non linear material. It's a combination of smart tool choice and good planning that will efficiently get you to the surf and make your creative process extra fun and certainly rewarding.

Breaking the pallets apart was a task. Dismantling palates with out breaking the wood is tough. They are quickly assembled and built to last. The ring spun nails sit tight in the lumber and isolated force will smash the wood for sure. You will crack out the running lengths easily and land up with a tinder pile and sweat wet brow. I used a custom palate tool a friend built for his project
involving palates. Thanks Tom.

There are many guides on youtube on how to build such a device. Essentially, it's a study in leverage and a weighted load. I loaded up the palates in the van from where they arrived with Vissla's products initial run as the brand was being born. From the van now into the shop beginning the process of deconstructing the framework.

The yield is fairly minimum due to expected reject pieces and short length breaks.

Next was removing the nails. Then scanning for any metal or conductive remnants in the lumber. Perhaps scan twice, you don’t want to ruin your tools or create a hazard. I used a hand held metal detector and saved a few buried nail heads and feed wire within the grain or buried holes.
This will leave you with a well deserved large pile of fire wood. Or as you and I see it, the very materials necessary to continue a story and build a legacy.

Tools: Pallet Crow Bar, Cats Claw Nail Puller, Claw Hammer, Nail Punch & Metal Detector
Safety Hazards: Nails sticking out of planks. Watch
your step, careful for rusted edges.