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Story Boards Steps and Stages #5

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Story Boards Steps and Stages #5

Donald Brink

Deconstruction Toward Light

Deconstruction Toward Light

It's that time when you bring a hammer to the shaping game. We need to break apart the individual lengths you created and have divided with the paper seam in the glue up. The glue sticks to both sides of the paper but is isolated to one side of the wood. I set up the break angle on the edge of a workbench end use the mallet to persuade the separation with the aligned seam I’m focusing on cantilevered over the edge.
Its a gentle tap tap tap and one wants to be careful not to pry the two apart with the tool of sorts to prevent marring the inner seam. The integrity of these linear faces will be what creates the seamless finish glue up in a few more steps toward final stage. 

With all the lengths separated the goal is to remove as much of the core as possible to
get to a manageable weight and improve bouyancy. This is testament to your bravery and dedicated skills but simply put, if you go too far you're going to go through the shape and will
be forever reminded of the scars. All the pieces will have compounding curves and the inner most tapering seam will need to be carefully considered when cutting each seam. It's not rocket science thats for sure, but certainly take a few minutes to get a good handle on how you set out to approach which parts to pull out and where your margins are. 

The accuracy of your rough shape will also dictate how far you can go with the amount of margin you expect for fine tuning your shape. There is a perfect imagination but the truth of slight variances and tolerance needs to be expected so plan for that when expecting margins for true shaping the final steps. 

I use a Jig saw and cut out the chambers. Leave a strut intact every now and then to minimize collapsing, gage this on the woods strength.

I set up a drill press and start my cores with a large spade bit to have end points of the cut and get the blade in. There are smaller tighter areas that need finessing and routers chisels and laminate trimmers can be of good use here. Feel the weight, look at the wood and go with it. This really is the stage that defines the labor of love. The fact that you will not see this detailed work but feel the difference immensely, to the point of functionality vs not. I saved all the cut out pieces and looked forward to a beach bonfire
with the fuel from my efforts. 

Tools: Rubber Mallet, Drill Press, Spade Bits, Jig Saw, Router and Laminate Trimmer.

Hazards: Routers on curves. Impatients. 

Images:Matt Gahan

Images:Matt Gahan