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Coors Light Refresh Comercial

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Coors Light Refresh Comercial

Donald Brink

Bringing all kinds of light to the World. Even Coors Light

Coors light Refresh the world Brink

It was an usual arrangement of tasks this day. With dusty hands I answered the phone that rang through the noise of the tools. Unfamiliar numbers normally are from those far and wide who discuss their boards and visions for the sea, we get to bring into reality together, I paused work and held the line.
Not from our story but a literal commercial break. Coors Light was on the other end and we began a conversation of what it could look like to highlight a refreshing approach to a familiar task and the shared similarities in the passion for detail in their product and path and my own.
There was an immediate nervousness to the sounds of such a story only because of the way things like this can be easily watered down or misconstrued. True to their word the beer might be light but the passion and commitment to a refreshed world is far from it. This was an honor to work on and the concerns I expressed of portraying shaping and surfing in an authentic and real way were well understood with a stellar commitment to the craft and lifestyle being captured.
The advertising agency and production company put together a wonderful team and produced a piece that we are all proud of and tells a true and refreshing story. This is what we get to share daily with viewers online and television as their favorite channels get interrupted on their preferred networks. However what you don't get to see and where the story had only just begun is what has been the most special part of working on this piece that I am honored to be part of.
Although it’s obvious that behind any production is a crew of talented people and a commitment to their craft, this was no different. The memories and time we shared in the few days spent making this spot will forever be enjoyed in my mind and through the stories retold. Amazing people, so good at what they do, but more interestingly, so diverse in their background paths to date. It’s a great metaphor for how life can be when we go out of our way to partner in a community on a daily plan or project. It leads me to believe that this is what the ancient tribes would depend on when creating a tight knit quickly dependable bonded structure without which discoveries and conquest would never have been defended or defeated. It was a fun working environment where we had such a great vibe on set and the stoke was evident in and out of the water, through the lens and on the arm chairs we were sharing the entire experience together.
I learned so much about the paths people were on and enjoyed the conversations about life we discussed. Behind every camera is a team of directors of photography, assistants, production designers, grips, gaffers, set dressers, coordinators, drivers, stylists, supervisors, medics, chefs, and so many more. It was a team of capable and hard working individuals who were good at what they did and together we shared a joy in creating something that told a story worth more than a refreshing ice cold delectable beverage or a magical craft designed to promote freedom for your ergonometric experience. There were conversations around the implications of design and what it is to be created for a specific purpose, fueled with a fascination of building a better world together and why. Perhaps now thinking back even - how.
Thanks to the fun group of friends that I made who I got to share this experience and build this project with.  To all the people behind every scene and in every role who made this possible. Thanks to Coors Light for including me in the conversation of refreshing the world, it’s an honor to be in such dialog that each and every one of us are part of and one that can bring light to all.


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