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San Clemente, CA

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Kaaboo, Switchfoot, Asymmetrical Channels

Donald Brink

Music, art, cuisine, fashion style and surfing. Or simply put creative minds. Many of them gathering at KAABOO
It was a festival of massive proportion. Seven stages and main line acts worth every dollar of admission. Along with the music were displays of art and tastes of fine cuisine and drinks from every seriously dedicated vendor in the biz.
Shapers Studio invited me to be a guest in their mobile work space and share the craft and thoughts with their fascinated followers and others in attendance interested in a board shaping process.

Switchfoot is a San Diego favorite and well know band around the globe. Their dedication to the truths they sing and write about are wonderful with a delivery on stage that was loud and 100 percent rock and roll. I reached out to Jon the lead singer and said I’d be attending and shaping at the event. I shaped him an asymmetrical wonder to help him surf the way he stands and although the epitome of being called “ Switchfoot front man" reality is with his left foot forward by choice on any given wave, I designed him a board to help him surf the way he stands.
That's what this is all about and its an honor to cross paths with so many fantastic people in the water and on the shores.
Surfing much like music is a connector of people and a way to be inspired, share in life and create a community that can bring great change in all our futures.
Jon I look forward to how you enjoy your 4 deep channel bottom asymmetrical board and thanks to Shapers Studio for hosting me at the Kaaboo Del Mar event 2015. To all the stoked folk I met and many more who stopped by whilst the shaping was in progress, great to see so many of you and thanks to all.
Like they sing “We were meant to live for so much more…"

Donald Brink