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The Most Expensive Board in the World EVER

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The Most Expensive Board in the World EVER

Donald Brink

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A great board is a big investment, and something that most of us cherish for a considerable amount of time. While there are some extremely expensive boards on the market, few would’ve ever imagined one selling for more than $1 million.

Near the end of 2015,  the Inertia reported Kiwi Roy Stuart had crafted a surfboard, which he then went onto value at an incredible $1.5 million. Now who on this planet would buy a board worth that sum of money? Well guess what, someone bought it.

Stuart who is originally from Putaruru, Waikato has been building surfboards for the majority of his life. However, he’s been on a lifelong mission to build the perfect ride, which would eventually sell for an incredible, life-changing sum of money. The board in question he would name the Rampant.

The Rampant weighs a staggering 31lbs and is made out of paulownia wood. And its height? A hollow wooden hull that stands 10ft6”, it has a “strange looking blue fin” and a gold-painted lion on it.

So who actually bought the board?

The crazy thing is the guy who bought it wanted to stay anonymous, all that we know is that sources have reported the buyer is involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

The New Zealand Herald interviewed the 53-year-old Stuart after selling the board, and he had this to say:
“I’ve been really scraping and doing it on the smell of an oily rag for a long time.

“I’m not going to justify the price. To me, it’s just a number. How much more is it worth to have something you really like? It’s really a moot point.”

Stuart is also quick to rebuff any suggestions that the Rampant is a piece of art. He believes he would never “do anything to a board that wasn’t solely for its functional purpose.” Although it could be suggested that the gold lion has nothing to do with functionality and is more cantered around art itself. Either way, it’s a beautiful board regardless of whether it’s actually worth what the buyer paid for it.

But what are the chances of any of us regular people owning such a board? Very slim. If someone won the recent high profile Powerball Jackpot, which according to LottoLand  in its article The Biggest Jackpots and Lotteries of All-time was the highest winnings haul of all-time at $1.5 billion, the winner would be able to own a 1,000 of Stuart’s boards. Otherwise, the chance of an average person owning one of these unique boards is minimal.

Now, how does it perform in the water? We literally have no idea because of the anonymity of the buyer. Maybe one day a video will surface online in which we’ll be able to see how it handles the waves. For now, we can only wonder whether Stuart has in fact created the perfect board.