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Year brings newness

Donald Brink

It was a wonderful 2015.  

This year I'm going to continue to apply what I've learned and happily commit to building the right boards for the right people. In short the motivation behind the design is to help you surf the way you stand.  

I was given a lovely tide book from a friend and although I have an app I use daily for the oceans motion. This year I will log my sessions. It's less about keeping track of frequency and more a point of interest. I used to journal and reading past entries about sessions at Jefferies Bay is strangely comforting noting the detailed nuances being enjoyed throughout life.  

Without making it feel like you need to read what I'm doing. What do you have planned for your year and how can this fascination for surfing and the sea be cultivated. I'm aware that knowing at which tides the magic turns on in relation to the swell angle can make sure I'm harvesting the stoke no matter what the wind or reports might say.  

It's  not always surfng more, but being in tune with sea which can produce best fruits from the relationship.

Fittingly, a new small mid length (need a term for that) being developed from careful study of the overlap in racks and a reliable demand. Here's the first surf this year, being recorded, in the books and on the beach. 

May you have a wonderful new year with peace and understanding that goes beyond.  

photo: John OConnor  

photo: John OConnor