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San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Greener materials 9'0 regular foot

Donald Brink

...taking a deep breath in that he knew would soon run out there was undeniable inkling that these memories were precious. They were fleeting and took years to build but some how these fragile dreams were accepted to be deeper because of their brevity and just how balanced they made all the thoughts around them. #shrtnvl @visslasurf @dblanc #sustainablesurf @markofoamblanks @entropyresins @sustainsurf


Single fin with side bite. Off set flex single over the ankle. Twisted rocker carying single blended concave into soft roll flat to double spiral and panel on the toe.

Forget it just go log with few spicy details for sills glow and orientation on the tightest turns.