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San Clemente, CA

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the Bay a way

Donald Brink


 ... ran a few errands, checked out the comp and got busy on the tools. We saved the last couple hours of the soft fading light to roll down the hills in the valley of magnificence. Entering with prayers in the heart and focus in ones eyes paddling past the church and the jet black rocks that hold up busy kam hi-way the natural amphitheater set stage for the sea and her enormous display. With the sun setting on the left and the trades still brisk but beginning to fade from the right looking ahead as we set into the deep I felt comfort in my seven seas spring and knew there were years of vision and design poured into every path and construction being depended on simply to nestle in nature and be one with the giant force. These boards were carefully crafted and already being depended on, twisted and tuned, combed with subtle asymmetrical changes to help the rider the way they stand. It was my first day at Waimea and what felt like an eternity getting to the bottom of the face, will last longer in my memory and be fuel in my soul. It was a session I’ll never forget and forever be grateful for. Light was near gone as we climbed back up the coarse sandy berm that the relentless shore pound had carved on the beach. The sun had set but hope had risen slightly higher in the wonder of design and the wonder of the sea.