If you've ever been frustrated with a board you riding, or think you might be surfing it to less a degree than for what it was designed. Sign up here for stories, event details, specials offers and details of design in the boards.  Your details will not be shared, welcome to the conversation. DB

San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

Surfing Suggestions

Shared actions of the mind. Discoveries and quests.

Horizon lines, life tests

Donald Brink



Without wishing away days, looking down the line helps set up for a better launch. A bump start if you will, rather than cold off the blocks.
New plans, select options and tailored created pieces coming soon.


The year is almost over.

It's a wonderful wonderful time.

To plan and launch, prepare a way

with intent from today.

From tests, through trials

a vision grows,not wider but more deep.

The elements that only one

dimension could not keep.

What has been seen, yet better felt

will never be denied.

The goal is to share these thoughts

that come from deep deep down inside.

Stay tuned for new models and the stories of what didn’t work along the way. Diverse designs with art details and an honest display of simplicity.
Last 2 weeks to get holiday orders in before deadline. Testing continues, stoke is high and plans well under way for a refined and developed season ahead.
Thanks to recent customers and travelers from far and wide who have stopped in to collect fresh customs sleds and many come-back clan too, whose smiles and stoke are wide.

Enjoy Your Water
Helping you surf the way you stand