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Impression Special Japan Blue Magazine

Donald Brink

BLue Magazine Brink California Classic

California Classic put a bunch of boards to the test in weak everyday surf in Japan. Here is the review as presented by Blue Magazine. I'm stoked to be part of the diverse offering they bring to the surfers they serve in beautiful Japan.

Think when last a board fit small waves well and the stoke you can get on the right designs. For me helping you surf the way you stand is the entire program. Pictured here and ridden in the review is a medium volumeleft foot forward asymmetrical. Enjoyed as a quad with soft fins. This is a sustainable board. As always hand shaped, Marko stringerless EPS, Textured deck epoxy lay ups and performance glass. Fabric deck panel and sanded finish.

Fuller heel side rail with soft rails and a tight tail curve into shorter outline. Pivotal reference over the ankle and twisted rockers.

Enjoy Your Water

Donald Brink