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San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Quarter Quiver Pick 3

Donald Brink

Narrow offering for most surfing needs. Build your quiver with attention to the designs that will serve your fascination for the sea.

Limited time offer. *restrictions may apply
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One line descriptions of each and design parameters below. Scroll selection.

The Bob-Tail:
A grovler, performance orientated tri-fin or twin with trailer. Available in Asymmetrical or Symmetrical. Order pro dimensions or retro influence. Varying nose widths and balance of volume trough out.

Waffle Bottom:
 A Single fin with spooned out deck for enjoying length while minimizing volume to suit your weight, paddle power and expected duck dive-ability. Symmetrical or asymmetrical. Boxed fins only for conditions adjustment. Designed 6’6-7’2”

Hex-Rail Gun:
A fast rocker-ed big wave gun, Single fin quad or thruster.  Chin-ed rails through the last third of the shape minimizing over all foot prints feel and maximizing sensitive and variable lines through the juice. Available Symmetrically or Asymmetrically, 7’6-10’6

Happy Go Lucky Log:
An all around go to log designed with local Doheny to San-O waves in mind. Medium low rockers with a single fin and soft rails throughout, nose rider design that knee paddles easily and turns to stay in the pocket. 8’10-10’2

No Name:
This is it. It’s complicated but works day in and day out. Reverse rocker, round entry into double, into single, into double, "chinned rails", secret sauce. Available symmetrically or asymmetric. 4’10-6’6” Order pro dimensions, groveler egg or step up dims. Its a brave concept applied to various outlines and expected wave set ups. Recent and personal favorite. This new ground is feeling refreshingly comfortable.

Triple stringer minimum 20 lbs, heavy durable log made to work and last. Soft blended 60/40 rails trough-out. Single fin and nose ride design. Wide stable outline with sweet pulled round pin to promote tail turn setups off the back foot and drop knee carves.

Fishermans Friend:
Asymmetrical take on a go to fish. Simple board helping you fish the way you stand. Glassed on ply fins. Pivotal template on heels to suit the shorter rail line and pulled tail. Raked toe side 80/20 foil with single concave ending before tail exit and twisted rocker to house the full heel rail and tight down toe side.

Diamond Does it:
An easy to ride grovler style short board. Single into double into V’ee off the short tail ends, keeping the board feeling lose on the rail with enough drive maintained in over all length. Thruster design, available in quad with suitable changes incorporated to suit. Asymmetrical or symmetrical choose to suit your stance if you want the help built into it, or keep things shot straight.

Fishermans Friend:
A modern fish with soft down performance feeling rails with a single concave ending before tail exit. Glassed on 80/20 foil fins. Ride it short, kick the tail, carve the bowl, go fishing.

the Sparrow:
A performance orientated groveler. Twin with Quad on the heels or balanced thruster. Order retro or pro dimensions with differences in the nose dimensions and over all foil. Asymmetrical only.

Paddy Cake:
A balanced standard performance short board. Available in symmetry or asymmetrical. Pro or pro grovel dimensions only. Medium entry rocker and flat mid sections with curve and soft hip pulling in the tail behind the fins.

Fancy Free:
A small buoyant board with asymmetrical advantages beyond most and a compact platform for doing progressive surfing in tiny waves or challenging canvases. Pulled off-set swallow tail and full volume twisted rocker with a down nose and fast front foot set up. ride small, Asymmetrical only.

Ball Point Pin:
A narrow outline over all, pulled in pin tail and simple bottom throughout with a pushed double running into the fin cluster lead by the down round rails throughout. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Single, quad or thruster, boxes only for versatility as conditions suit. 6’2-8’2

Sparrow Pro:
Performance dims in a twin on the toe side and quad on the heels, twisted rockers to suit and tight toes side with softer heels ending in a pulled swallow and tight curve. Asymmetrical only.

3 Channel Pro:
A round tail performance channel bottom. Suited to shred better the way you stand, set up to get in the juicy ones and wiggle on the softer slop. grovel pro dims or step-up pro only.

click Ticket:
A versatile parallel outline for flat faced California waves or soft points. Fishy influence with asymmetrical advantages incorporated to tighten up the open face redirects and heel side arcs in general. Available asymmetrical or symmetrical. Short stubby wide version for junk days or a balanced drawn sled with more day to day capabilities.

Ben's Gun:
Triple stringer. Massive wave performance design. Built to work when most needed and made for proper surfing turns in the juice. Available for Ben Wilkinson only.


*Boards are quoted under 7' and with base model embellishments and finishes.
All good surfing boards, add your fancy finishes colors etc. Add for length material charges and local CA taxes shipping and packaging. US only. Rights of refusal. Full payment up front for limited time.