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San Clemente, CA

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Partner Shape Single fin

Donald Brink


...there were many things that were different about him but the cadence of his speech and the obvious selection of his well processed thoughts were the most notable. Knowing exactly what you want seems rare these days, but that's where we began. Avoiding sexy lines and making only what works was the assignment,together we shared and unsurprisingly without effort made something of exact intention and utter beauty if you knew what you wanted to see.


Growing up surfing contests and surrounding himself with quality surf and seasond friends his back hand approach was text book. Goofy foot with great technique Brandon knew there were different ways to unlock the sensations he was after.  

Ability will always triumph design and there were "volumeous" single fins that he found fascinating over the decades but obviously difficult to ride. The asymmetric advantages remain and the collection of the changes were decided on with regard to the flow, foam and foot's pivot.  

Everyrhing happens at least twice in a build. It's a great way to show then share the craft.  

This was a great treat to partner with someone in crafting their dream vision. Like any board is, but this was special because it wasn't that he couldn't get was he was used to. Rather he couldn't find what he dreamed he needed.