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Single or  Thruster box plug solutions

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Single or Thruster box plug solutions

Donald Brink

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He ordered a single fin and bumped up the volume with lower rockers and a stub nose plan shape. The intention was to have a durable and trusted sled to leave in the back of the van, for which there was only space for one such craft. Sure other boards would be packed and chosen from time to time according to trips and expected conditions but there needed to be a fixture in the mix. When time was scarce or the traffic surprising slow, the 20 minute windows or quick drive past slack tide magic sessions could be answered now.

There needed to be a staple reference where style lines could be tapped into and yet precise and mature surfing could be applied with the benefit of the fuller volume, asym twists and turns and the low entry rockers.

The "van buddy" was being built but there was a dreadful sense that the sweet sections that pop up on the impromptu session would better fit a thruster. The last all-a-rounder he considered had tail foils much like the end of a french baguette and the dexterity built in like that of laundry room door. There was applicable design being added here though and these worlds could fuse with the efficiency of each being enjoyed yet the compromise in any of the most accurate elements be avoided. There was a co pilot being made with the single fin box positioned correctly for its adjustable role from one condition and fin to another and the addition of the solo plug plus shim for the true thruster set.

The van finally was equipped for all adventures and every day errands too.

Add design, ride a custom plug for single option thruster fix.