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Blue Magazine (foereign concepts)

Donald Brink

Page turns the other way if you are battling to read it.

Page turns the other way if you are battling to read it.

Blue Magazine (Japan's finest surf mag) went to great lengths covering the facets of these crazy craft and the many personalities behind them.

The biggest honor of paging through the publication was how many of these great minds and utterly talented and interesting people I have had the honor to meet and even collaborate with on occasion. This surfing world is a passionate and tight knit community demanding a brotherhood who share skills, tools, tricks and tips, but most importantly of all they are genuinely stoked individuals.

To me the boards are this way because of how stoked I've been exploring the benefits of design and the refinement of the principals along the way. We are all fascinated by different things and embrace certain subtleties to varying degrees. At the end of the day, its fantastic to make things that work and I believe this is why the craft will always remain such an exciting element of the whole surfing life.

I'm honored to included in this conversation and so stoked to share these thoughts in different languages and platforms around the globe. Best of all remains building them for the rides they will share.

Featured is a collaboration for Blue Mag x Vissla x Brink its 6'9" regular footed spooned deck tinted carbon single with side bite waffle bottom. If you can read the rules you can enter.