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San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Asymemetrical Guns

Donald Brink

Ben Wilkinson @pitmove

Ben Wilkinson @pitmove

Keeping what you depend on, designing around your limited pivotal reference and frustrations. Progressing toward desired lines.

These boards were birthed out of a fascination for good surfing and safe excellent lines on a big wave face. The joy to partner with brave chargers and develop these concepts for the juice has been extremely rewarding and still brings chicken skin to the surface at the sight of boards on bombs.

Ben Wilkinson reached out after seeing some bigger boards with asymmetric differences I shaped some years back. He has a brave vision and an ability way beyond most with a towering strong frame and a determination to surf fast paths on the largest of canvases.

Dougal Patterson : South African Mystery

Dougal Patterson : South African Mystery

We discussed what he liked, what he was frustrated with and both agreed that the asymmetric changes can help one surf better once set up for the way we stand. The entire board was designed to help the top side turn be more attainable. It's images like this that make the smile as wide as the ocean is deep.

Off set fins, twisted rocker, hips in the plan shape. Its all to make the desired lines more available with safety, careful consideration for performance and a willingness to progress.

So stoked to be working with such legends who love surfing and the sea and have a fascination and respect for all art, craft and design.

Ben Wilkonson