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Japan Visit 2016

Donald Brink

Japan Visit 2016 Brink

The land of beautiful faces, beautiful places.

Electric toilets and fresh fish flavors.

Art, music, craft and design.

Temples that stand the test of time.

Rice bowls, farm lands, beaches and sea

A beautiful country I was happy to see.

Thanks to Shin Yamasaki, Takaand the entire Vissla crew there.  You treated me so well and now I have story to tell. The "Ikigai" collection was well received at the Greenroom Festival event. So great to meet so many talented legends and share the thoughts and story with many, many stoked folk. Traveling always makes me remember just how connected we are around the world. We are people looking for sense, longing for love and sharing in troubles. We are humans, creators and innovators longing to be alive.

Hi-lights include, but are not limited to; fine cuisine, sunset surf sessions, gallery shows and travel views. See you again Japan.

View "Ikigai Collection" for Greenroom festival Here

"Ikigai collection" in Japanese here

Origato Donald Brink.