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Shape,Surf,Share... "Wonder and Joy"

Donald Brink

France trip 2016

The journey seems to teach one the most unrelated lessons at the least expected time. A tapestry of sorts with a hinds sight's perspective more clear than a vision of whats to come, yet the confidence of a similar thread running through out.

3 countries,  dozens of shapes, movie premieres, surf contests, stand up beach break barrels and a bicycle. Sharing these thoughts and stories around the world is such a joy and I have always been one to glean from the moment and admire a landscape. Whats become most fascinating is what you learn and when. These things can seem so unrelated, certainly unexpected and definitely undeserved.

I have met and worked with so many wonderful people and enjoyed the most delicious meals on sandy shores and off chefs selected menus. What makes trying to put these experiences together in a way that makes sense and develop them into something worth more than just a memory seems to be the undertone to the score from scene to scene despite tempo or tune.

"Approach with Wonder, leave with Joy"

Read on if you wish, but that is what I've come to. I'm gaining confidence in its doctrine more each day and filtered most recent experiences through its frame with near perfect results. It's less to do with how to remember things or even how to process whats happened. Perhaps a better suggestion of how to engage in an experience and be conditioned best for the production at hand.

Things always happen that are unexpected, unplanned and always undeserved. Making sense of this might be a futile task. Ignoring it may be worse. Whats to be learned beyond what we study. Why do we love what we do. If all the things we hoped never happened, would the best result still be true?

It's not a situation of throwing ones hands in the air whilst going along for the ride but the condition of the mind to accept the magnificence and endure the trials. All with wonder, whilst pursuing joy.

Being willing not to understand all things, determined to accept that they are real. Forever grateful for the opportunities all around and desperately determined to fight for what's right because it matters more than we hope. It's not perfect, but it is a communal appreciation.

The flakes of the middle layers of the croissant were surprisingly even. It was obvious they were younger than the day was old. In between long shaping hours there were moments of intense focus and dependency on the thoughts of the craft. Times of the mundane finishes of the project and impromptu conversations between boards. The bicycle ride home in the fading light between the rain and sunshine was especially enjoyed. It seemed a time to reflect on the work done, imagine the surf session ahead and begin to arrange an expectation for the meal before bed. To wake up and do it all again in a similar fashion for all the right reasons, so long as they hadn't changed over night. These times free wheeling toward the coast were some of the best for the memories of the day.

Vissla's "Dream Steeple" movie Premier in Spain and France. An assortment of shapes and sizes for Select European desires in Finland, Denmark, Spain, Holland and France. Sales meetings, collaborations, Self Shape surf contest, photo shoots and festivals. Thanks to the Stoke House crew in Europe. Derek O'neill, Adrien Waller, Antoine at Dust Barn, all the retailers and customers who ordered boards and the amazing new friends and places and faces I saw.

Shaping, Surfing, Sharing. I've come to write..."Approach with wonder, leave with Joy"