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Switchfoot Interview "Where the light shines through Album"

Donald Brink


It's art, poetic stanza's. Motivation to fulfill a unique and individual role to mend a better world together. The common goal is to just be yourself and create from within.

I enjoyed some time surfing with Jon, Tim and Chad before a coffee and breakfast en-route to the studio. Recording was underway for the new album "Where the light shines through" It was a beautiful scene,besides the amazing amount of old guitars, microphone capsules and vintage drums. The seemingly endless amounts of note pads overflowing with songs lines, ideas and lyrics were in abundance. It was clear there was a bigger problem of selecting from ideas than simply dreaming them up.

Creating art to share, enjoying the influence of surfing and the sea, and being aware of the unique and individual opportunity to be your best self for the world was the running theme. Jon asked some questions while the cameras rolled. Here are some things we covered.

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