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These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Agenda show Shaping with legends

Donald Brink

agenda show review brink

Sharing the craft alongside legends.

His piercing eyes seemed unthreatening after a few casual sentences spilled from his friendly frame. The bearded smile was strong and he carried himself as a servant of all. The foil was recognizable and the outline just perfect. Foam flew all around and the planners sound filled the area like a song.

With a loose bag of more than enough tools spilling out, chaos quickly turned into a symmetrical rhythm from one side of the work space. Shallow channels with deep meaning were hard not to "mind surf" as they came into view and rounded out in a beautiful presentation of performance potential.

As if redirecting traffic, the general spirits were electric within minutes and a fast pace smoothly from nose to tail clean and precise. Within the window we viewed the exercises time and again. Warm water roots with power in mind dictating the lines from end to end.

Just when things were getting comfortable the cold water mountain men stepped up. Leather boots older than your grandads car and a pace fast enough to make progress, but not too fast to be misunderstood.

The colors in his quiver were appreciated by anyone who knew, the rest were calmed by their influence and there seemed to be a general peace accompanying the sleds. Clean cuts, classic lines and a models pose. Things ended easily understood and clearly enjoyable.

The grain came into view, out of context, but at comprehending lengths that it was certain these slivers of trees were carefully planned out and excellently assembled.
With similar tools, but an entirely different steps and stages, the wish bones became the parabolic reference for the plan.

It was funny how as much as we were all enjoying the time on the tools and conversations with excited observers, we all were dreaming of being in the sea. The boards were vehicles of joy for a variety of visions and dreams from alternative stance and mammoth canvases, each was a design carefully made for immeasurable joys.

The discussions between like minds ranged from commercial invoices and way bill numbers, cold weather resin tints and the quality of the steel in a Japanese blade.
Sharing the craft with the fellow creators and innovators was an honor and a privilege. Sharing this life with stoked folk, tuned into their inner directions, is so inspiring and effortless for all the right reasons.

Thanks to Agenda show, Shapers Studios and Vissla for their vision, space and platform.
Here's to creating and innovations.