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Clean Space Mask

Donald Brink



It was a snow storm in his bay and although the collaboration on the tools was well divided, his advantage was clearly in the air and yet still never before been seen... shaping in Australia with Hayden Cox.


The air was dry and the static made every particle adhere to the nearest surface and these fine cut polystyrene particles become an issue.   I prefer to shape with a dust collection in place and keep things clean and neat. It’s important to set yourself up to succeed when approaching a delicate task with fine subtleties involved through craftsmanship. It’s the lighting, the clear dark backdrops of the walls, the height of the stands in correspondence to the boards thickness, your height and ones arms length as you tool.  Most of these can be overlooked without being intentional in the ergonometrics of the craft but you must breathe and how you do so is paramount.


Imagine it this way: instead of a thin mask as a filter to your lungs, rather find ones self in a new realm. A different galaxy with a scuba rig on and a cozy pair of slippers.


The mask has a filter, it rests on your collar. As you breathe in it pushes clean air into your life. Between breaths it is idle. Once again as you inhale is assists you and lightly flows filtered air into your body’s rhythm. Exhale is normal and unimpaired.


You don the battery operated unit, switch it on and enter the flow state. Like all focused activities being in rhythm and engaging all the senses makes time disappear and one can become more alive.  


Its perhaps a little overkill for shaping compared to more toxic environments and where it shines in many industries, but it’s briliantly designed, and any dusty environment should be taken seriously due to long term effects.  


Polystyrene makes me nervous next to polyester. This is simply a personal observation without data presented to back up. However either way, from day to day in the shaping bay I’m comfortable, in the zone and thanks to CleanSpace have no grievances to air.  


Designed and based in Australia this award winning company is fast expanding globally and providing unparalleled protection to workers in many industries.


Thanks to Rick and team in the USA for Clean Space Technologies.  


Visit them on line or link to your countries distributors to research the best filters for application and how to work more safely and comfortably.  


As a craftsman and designer the intricacies of this apparatus are astounding.

Photographs: Caleb Thal   

Photographs: Caleb Thal