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River Surfing Asymmetry

Donald Brink

Surf in Wyoming on twisted rockers, off set fins, varying rail shapes and alternative constructions.  

Will Blum, talented on the ski slopes, beach breaks and more came in to design boards specifically to unpack the flowing opportunity of “The Lunch Counter” a wave he surfs in Wyoming on the Snake River.  


Blum, a team rider with an open mind  looking to test designs on a wave  more consistent than most ocean breaks. It is an opportunity to explore design to help suit the joys and combat frustrations. Two designs tested, one a sustainable EPS epoxy construction and the other traditional poly with same glassing schedules and cloth orientation. Both stringer-less and fit with futures boxes. I put Will on the tools and we shared the shapes with ease.


Although I’ve spent all these years concerntrating on stance specific design through the application of asymmetry. It is simply a matter of addressing design and cohesively assembling the elements that work in the conditions, according to the way you are able to apply them and to the degree of accuracy you desire. 

In short, I still feel that if you surf in a certain direction applying asymmetrical design can unpack that better, but further more, also addressing which way you stand on that wave will get you even further. It’s less of a half step then another, but a manipulation of various elements to more brave degrees than others, for ease and flow/cause and effect as desired by design.


When in doubt, asym out. From beach to snow melt, there are smiles all around.  


Surfing in Wyoming at Lunch Counter on the Snake River.

Music: Philip Larue - the rival-