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San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Design in motion

Donald Brink

acrylic on wood. 10"x7" 

acrylic on wood. 10"x7" 

...less about what it looked like to us but how things would react in the water. On an overcast morning with a threatening westerly breeze the choices would have to be precise. Trolling in the deep watching the backs of waves that broke on an off shore reef thoughts about the surface tension in play drifted into fluid dynamics. Time floated by and in conclusion all that could be reaffirmed was how utterly important design really was. It seemed to be like the link between who we are and what we were created to want to be. The ratchet screamed for all mercy, lines were tight.

Picking up the paints, remebering things that made the realities of good design make sense to a dream world. 

From foils on fins to rockers and rail shapes the depth of these intricate nuances is a deep as you want to dive. Look past the colors and begin to unpack the angles and contours of the craft. With a vision for its intent and reference to natures play. Design can help catch any dream. 


From surfboards, ships and rattle lures. It seems appropriate to use art to hi-light looking past just the color to emphasize the importance af a craftsmans intent.