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Avalon way to go. Sydney Australia vist

Donald Brink

Sydney australia Brink surf

Farm yards to Opera House
The first four days in Australia feel more like an intravenous of surf history and shape culture dripping into my excited body. The thrill of holding a planer and believing in design on the under side of the world.
Swimming in the humidity, between shaping bays and glass shops, where every face is kind and welcoming. The knowledge and experience in these minds so obvious. A "cruizy" smile and dusty finger tips shake hands and start with a story from days gone by, when channels were the norm and glass on fins just part of the old crafts that hang in the rafters or stick out from jammed dusty racks from 40 years earlier.
The Gold Coast, so appropriately named is fantastic. This weekend I'll be headed down to Sydney and the Northern beaches to attend some events and share some stoke and story too.
For all those in and around the area it would be such a joy to connect with you. Board Collector Surf Swap Meet in Avalon is going to be a wonderful day. Boards from every era and proper legendary leaders of design in the industry.
I'm honored to be talking at 2 PM and will have a collection of asymmetrical boards on display.
Enjoy your water
Donald Brink