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Self Shape Contest

Donald Brink

Surfing Photograph: Grey Lockwood 

Surfing Photograph: Grey Lockwood 

4th Annual Shapers Studio event presented by Vissla was a fun sunny day with plenty of stoke to go around until sun down.  


My most exciting part of this gathering and hyped up platform for these creators to perform comes in people's attitude towards how their boards worked and their abilities.  


It's difficult to ride any board well and the truth is, ability will always triumph a design. Seeing the guys and gals put their handmade craft to test against the heat clock is entertaining.


Never did I hear someone mention they failed to place in their heat due to poor equipment or craftsmanship. It's a fun way to look at just how special surfing and the craft can be and puts extra emphasis on the subtle nuances on the magic sleds one gets along this surfing life's path and how special they really are. Every detail matters and yet our attitude, confidence and technique will be the first requirements for consistency.


I was stoked to make it through all the heats to the final and had fun testing a current design that is bravely different, yet sensationally and functionally rewarding.

Riding the "Radar" model/concept stay tuned for more on this design and its details.