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These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Australian stock boards available

Donald Brink

  It was a special trip, a land with bounding animals and warm water waves filled with able water men and women. Friendly folk, early to rise and in tune with the current conditions. The whole government seemed to respect this sport of kings and coastal living bred an appreciation for the sea. 

I shaped along side legends of the craft, in old factories and state of the art design studios too. There were some committed to what they had began doing 47 years ago and others at the cutting edge of materials and technology. What was common to all was the spirit of craftsmanship, a fascination with surfing design and a creative and innovative approach to daily work. 

Boards are scattered across the country at supporting key Vissla retailers with a beefed up collection available down south of Sydney at FinBox and up the Sunshine Coast at Dessa supply.

Pop in and speak with Chris, enjoy their diverse collection of boards and grab a coffee next door at the Fin Box store. 

Headding to Noosa, pay a visit to Mark and Karen at Dessa store in Peregian QLD and get a feel for the curated selection of boards and more with a neat aesthetic and tasteful selection. 

These are just a few of the boards still available and big thanks to Shuey and the boys in Lenox area that teamed up on the builds with first class glassing. 

Stay tuned for up coming trips and more shapes becoming available. Australia I love you all. 

Australian Stock

Like always every board hand shaped and these asymmetrical are built stance specific to help you surf the way that you stand. 

click ticket

Click Ticket

A versatile parallel outline for flat faced waves or soft points. Fishy influence

with asymmetrical advantages incorporated to tighten up the open face redirects

and heel side arcs in general. Short stubby wide version for junky days or a fun

alternative to a grovel performance design. Ride as twin with trailer or your

favorite thruster set up.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.

waffle bottom

Waffle Bottom

A Single fin with spooned out deck for enjoying length while minimizing volume to

suit your weight, paddle power and expected duck dive-ablility. Boxed fins for adjustment

as conditions change. Ride a flexy fin in the middle of the box to begin and

a simple flat foiled small thruster fin on the toe side box. Move your single fin back

on the juicier days and "scootch" it forward for the smaller waves. Commit to

smooth long turns and enjoy the quick responsive redirects.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.

bob tail

The Bob Tail

A grovler, performance orientated tri fin or twin with trailer. With soft tucked rails

and curvy ends all over. Enjoy this full volume performance board in weak or challenging

waves when fun is to be had with a progressive technical approach but most

boards are feeling like too much work to fit the canvas.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.

80's retro magic

Retro 80’s magic sled

With the essence of the era and the design concepts of the time in mind, this board

was made for a progressive surfer with practiced technique looking to enjoy the

benefits of early design lines whilst tapping into the asymmetrical advantages with

the stance specific concept applied to it here. Flatter deck, full volume and down

rails are the functional elements at play. Beak nose and twisted rocker, double

bump on the heel side, off set center design over the ankle and a flowing toe side

line. Ride with simple flat foiled thruster fins and use the compact volume and

pulled in nose to maintain progressive lines and approaches when carving the retro

lines with ease.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.

ball point pin

Ball point pin

A narrow outline over all, pulled in pin tail and simple bottom throughout with a

pushed double running into the fin cluster lead by the down round rails

throughout. Single, quad or thruster, boxes for versatility as conditions suit.

Single fin recommended here is a good tip flex fin with plenty of movement over

all and a mindful style in full force to steer her. The single FCS plug allows one to

set up the thruster with the back fin in the box with one tab and in the plug with

the other. This allows the best of both worlds when setting things up, having the

thruster fin back on the marks for tri-fin set up and the single fin then forward

enough to be adjusted with some latitude. Quad set up seems most logical and the

personal preference will be exciting to discover.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.




Performance dims with a twin on the toe side and quad on the heels, or thruster.

Continuous curve on the toe side rail, with a fuller yet shorter straight out line

on the heel. Twisted rockers to suit and tight toes side with softer heels ending in

a pulled swallow and tight curve.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.


Grovel Short Board

An easy to ride grovler style short board. Simple contours and a bold

placement of foam under the chest to maximize and balance the foil.

Twisted rockers to help you surf the way you stand. Heel side full high apex rail

alongside a soft down toe side. A go to groveler for an every day

performance stoked surfer.

Added hand painted floral embellishment.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.



Beak nose, retro volume spooned deck

This concept has been developed over the last year or more. Reverse rocker, round

entry into double, into single, into double, “chinned rails”, secret sauce. It a brave

direction of water flow and yet a simple design when rail surfing is calculated. The

goal was to develop a concept that can be applied to a range of volumes and match

an outline to suit. From a symmetrical board to asymmetrical small stubbies, pro

grovelers retro beak noses with forward plan and even guns. This new ground

patiently being refined from sketch books, scribble notes and dreams. Boards that

have a fascinating sensation and make you remember sessions for all the right

reasons are the magic sleds. This concept the RADAR reads and writes its self any

which way you dissect it. Added hand painted floral embellishment.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.10.42 PM.png

Fancy Free

A small buoyant board with asymmetrical advantages beyond most and a compact

platform for doing progressive surfing in tiny waves or challenging canvases. Pulled

off-set swallow tail and full volume twisted rocker with a down nose and fast front

foot set up. Twin with trailer in this short realm, thruster in longer stretched

versions. This is a sustainable benchmark build from recycled EPS core, epoxy.

Added hand painted floral embellishment.

#Left Foot Forward Surfer Board.

Helping you surf the way you stand.

way to go matey

The Waytogomatey

Inspired from the retro days of yesteryear and motivated by a detailed excellence

of our progress. It's a relevant adoption of the lines and foil these kinds of boards

can bring that are called good surfing in no matter what decade they are ridden.

It’s either a twin or a single fin on that transitional realm that gets referenced. This

is versatile adoption of either. The outline is full and rails still of a down fast nature

with a modern reference applied for todays demands.

Single wings and swallow tail are fed by a slight concave, double through the fins.

There was an obvious overlap from some of my favorite twins and old singles. The

fuller small singles that work can be hard to find but with a reference of history

and a study of todays surfers reference I’m confident these nostalgic concepts can

be tweaked to promote alternative yet progressive magic.

#Symmetrical board. Any foot forward.