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African Collection Positive Vibe Warriors board drive

Donald Brink

They think we are giving surfboards, when its really the waves that will be remembered.


To the young kings and queens in South Africa, may the ocean and your paths be rich. Full of joys no one can take. You can ride anything, the way you want to. What you can not do, is deny the joys this fascination for the sea may bring. Cultivate it, share your stoke.

The Positive Vibe Warriors have created an opportunity to sew into the fabric of the surfing community in South Africa. The "Surfers not street children" and "Waves for change" are the organizations there that these boards being donated will enjoy.

I long for the African shores of my youth, its a rainbow nation with promise and purpose. Surfboards may seem like just one more toy to add to the to do list but in my eyes they are tools that can unlock the ocean where you may be.

As surfing grows through out the world, sharing the best, in memory of what I could have enjoyed on the canvas of that coast will bring smiles, no doubt. There is simply no telling what may come as more African countries that use and depend on the coast yet don't yet surf as family's friends and neighbors will glean from this sport of kings.

Come see the collection and other boards being sent at my factory this Saturday morning 8-10 am .Feel free to bring boards you might want to donate to the cause too. Details can be found on the Positive Vibe Warriors Instagram page.
I'll be selling a few boards to help off set the costs, all sales going directly to this benefit and cause.

Stay tuned for more as this project unfolds, thanks to everyone involved and those making this happen.

Looking forward, giving back.

Donald Brink