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Scenery and the thoughts left behind

Donald Brink

IMG_1355.JPG could tell he wasn't comprehending the science at play, but what could not be denied was the reality of the effectiveness. The change in scenery brought a warm perspective on the experiments underway back at the shore. As if adjusting ones eyes after exiting the dark, things came back into focus, surprisingly the same way. And although some things were dreamed to have been different, there was a comfort in knowing that tasks at hand were honest and aging like a fine wine, with seasons intent and times of patience prescribed. 


I surfed the same board everyday for a week straight changing only the fins to better know the isolation of a single, changeable element in what is a particularly complicated design. I surf well enough to feel the differences in things but not so well that evey thing simply goes. Of course i'd like to surf better and work on technique constantly. However along this surfing life's path there are brave results and experiments that fashion the future. They stand like telegraph poles in my memory holding up the lonely line of failed or simply valinilla results in between. 

I joined the family and spent some much needed time away from daily tasks and with loved ones in a stunning setting.  

Somethimes things feel flat after some review and with some dust on the topic that once was of premium interest. It's been rewarding picking up where things sat waiting and continuing in the quest for refreshing excellence through design for the water.  

Changing one thing at a time, remaining fascinated by design and yet holding the results loosely and honestly. Easily distinguishable by the froth factor.   



Terry Martin "Shaping Life"

Donald Brink

It's been three years easily measured by the youthful days of my son who was born at the same time of Terry's graduation to the creators Realm. 

I havent watched the film much since then and although its hard to hear the words and story it is becoming increasingly more satisfying knowing I'll be able to share the essence of the wise light Terry shone and share it with my kids. It's often a motivation for building something for somebody else and doing it well whilst knowing their use of the joy will far out weigh the delight you felt crafting it. To me thats what surfboards are, I saw this to be true with Terry yet what we spoke about and shared had more often than not to do with life and the details of the  pursuit of wisdom.

T. Martin lived a life deserving of honor. From an early age he realized what he was gifted with and kept things simple. His focused perspective on what really mattered never changed as his impact on this world and in our hearts and lives was felt beyond measure of the some 80,000 surfboards he is said to have made. 
I was honored to know Terry well and gained so much from his companionship, inspiration, and tutelage, forever continuing to draw from the legacy that he created. God was the main ingredient in his life and he followed his ways and served Him with out abandon. At age 74, after passing away from a struggle with cancer, he did not lose his soul in the process of trying to gain the world.
This film came about by wanting to remember as much as I could of his focus and priorities. In the process, I gleaned from pearls of wisdom I knew would be freely shared. God had a great way of showing up every Friday morning when we got together for a period over a year, talking story and making things.
This film is dedicated to the Martin family and all those who knew Terry and are suffering in the void of his loss. Prayers go out toward Candy and the loss of her lover, our leader and forever everyone's legend.