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2015 Board Room Show Review

Donald Brink

boardroom show quiver Brink

It was a fantastic Boardroom Show again this year

Thank you to all the old friends who stopped by the booth to share stoked stories and high fives. The amazing conversations around thoughts and theories included in the boards and more with so many people were an absolute joy. 

A high-light was the many new surfers who came by to ask questions and add insight to some recent articles, videos and materials I have been sharing. The flow of information and motivations is so good when there are real discussions around true value and the cause for actual effect. 

demo day 2015 Boardroom show Del Mar 15th street

demo day 2015 Boardroom show Del Mar 15th street

Fun little waves were on offer for the demo day on Sunday morning, allowing for the sliding of the huge variety of crafts on offer. From the New Fire Wire "Cornice" to a Martin Shapes 10' finless Hot Curl  and a little bonzer from Wax Surf co in NY I certainly enjoyed the waters. 

Its not black or white being Green. Shown by earning a blue ribbon. 

Its not black or white being Green. Shown by earning a blue ribbon. 

Congratulation to Maurice Cole and Etech for winning best of show in the sole Sustainable board category this year. I am so stoked to have received an honorable mention and blue ribbon for my entry and elite judging panel are all knowledgeable and respected in their abilities to assess. 

Board Room Show Quiver

Donald Brink

A quick overview of the boards selected to be shared at this years Boardroom show. An insight to the thoughts, theories and motivation for the variety of shapes to suit your vision. 

There are a  number of boards and it runs a good 15 minutes going through the details included even in a brief summary. Use the opening 10 seconds to process what your vision is for your surfing. This is the motivation for any shape and is discussed in these boards and thoughts. 

Boardroom show booth 2015 Brink

Enjoy Your Water 

Donald Brink