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Boards for Jaws done differently

Donald Brink

could be better said that it was knowing the rules enough to be willing to embrace them from a different perspective.

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Eddie Went

Donald Brink

Pen and paper. Man like his maker  

Pen and paper. Man like his maker  

Taking time sketching to reflect on a legends legacy. The reality of this mans courage seemed to be refined  by the ocean yet it would ultimately take him away. The bravery and wave rides were great but what cannot be be without highest honor is the fact that this man laid down his life for others. Willing to die trying is the sign of love. Conquering death is what makes love ultimately win. Thank you Eddie

Standing on the beach seeing the bay come to life and the circus descending on the spectacle I couldn't help but think what a day like this must be for grieving loved ones. I saw mr Clyde Aikau walking up the sand and greeting the keen fans with a kind and genuine greatfulness. It dawned on me, Eddie was a son and brother. There were people that missed him for all kinds of reasons and it seems that we all have our own appreciation for his path. 

To lay down you life for others is the only way. (1 John 3:16)