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These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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serviette or single fin

Donald Brink

Like the thread count in a serviette or the lumen rating of the pendant light of the corner booth. These things are elements of design that cohesively can elevate an experience. Crafting wave sleds is no different. Details, simplicity and a sense of wonder. 

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Ride 4'10" in Indonesia, high fives and big smiles (Fancy Free)

Donald Brink

Treading water next to the floating craft his eye level assessment was as close up and as magnified as it gets. His words started, yet came out unsure but with careful diction ”Asymmetric, asymmetry it, it’! How long is is this board? “ I laughed and simply responded its amazing when design lets you enjoy the average days on a 4 foot 10 inch sled.

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