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Honest words & real film photos. Q&A from VISSLA's Kenny Hurtado

Donald Brink

Mentors,  Science and Motivations

Starting off the year covering some back stories, current motivations and how things got so calculated between real life, crazy visions and failed attempts to try stuff.
Read in depth answers to Kenny Hurtado's insightful questions and magnificent imagery accompanying the piece.
It's always a treat to work with the talented Kenny Hurtado and his cadence behind the camera is boldly captivating, freezing the most accurate of real situations in a composed and balanced view meeting old wold with tomorrow.
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Honest words and Real Film photos

Photograph: Kenny Hurtado

Photograph: Kenny Hurtado

To dream of what could be and be governed by a greater system of understanding can only be enjoyed if you submit and surrender to its laws. Then there can be a freedom from which we can start to become alive.

Photograph: Kenny Hurtado

Photograph: Kenny Hurtado