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These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

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Clean Space Mask

Donald Brink

As you breathe in it pushes clean air into your life. Between breaths it is idle. Once again as you inhale is assists you and lightly flows filtered air into your body’s rhythm. Exhale is normal and unimpaired.

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Brickez gone Burleigh

Donald Brink

I clearly remember the very first time I watched Brad Bricknell surfing. Now a relationship connected by many same driving passions, three continents and a calendar of events and meetings, its not every day we share a coffee, but when we do it is great.

Photo by William Course. @billeigh_72

Photo by William Course. @billeigh_72


I shaped this board for experimental and testing purposes, it felt pretty good and many rode it and enjoyed its flow. I sent it home with Brikez to curb his fascination for the skew beauty. It sat in the rack for some time till he braved the testing session. When ability meets opportunity the success will follow. Burleigh Heads has no chance when its small and scattered with sections against a design so tuned. 

Good design can compliment great style and although it will not fix every struggle you bring to your water, it can certainly make for the best sensations to be promoted and assist the challenging areas, to let you have more fun more often. 

Photo by William Course. @billeigh_72

Photo by William Course. @billeigh_72

Australian Botiques

Donald Brink

It's  the partnerships and visions that make our community so strong. I am delighted to be part of these venues down under and add to the conversations being shared.

Built a couple boards and some fins and things for Vissla’s display in various retail locations on the Australian coast. The Shop Next Door had a wonderful run with the space setup and thanks to Taylor and the entire crew for their contribution and partnership to creative and innovative thoughts.

Right now Sunhouse hosts some sleds and apparel with the continuing theme. If you are in or around Coolangatta. Pop in and check things out. Grab coffee or a danish.

Sunhouse. Surfboards & Essentials.

41 Mclean street. Coolangatta. Qld. OZ.

Enjoy Your Water

Donald Brink