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Make your own fns

Donald Brink

I began this little project after the inquiry from a customer. My neighbor walked into the workshop in the afternoon and with puzzled sums in his mind quickly realized what I was making. "Why?"  he said with a suggestion of the time and place we live in fueled by the consumerist norm in our society. I was making a wooden FCS fin. Sure looked pretty but why?

We both knew this could be bought and easily replaced. What was worth more discussing was how sometimes one has to do things that you usually don't simply to keep it fresh and take on the challenge to see if you can.

We both agreed that just because you can do something you shouldn't necessarily be doing it, but equally important, I suggest sometimes its simply being creative that brings a balance and understanding to our days. 

Being creative seems easy to many, the higher grade level could be being creative with your time, that is a challenge for anyone and has the masters thereof gleaning its foretold rewards.

Task: Make a removable FCS style fin at specific dimensions our of wood. Here are some images of the progress along the way.

Don't forget to enter the upcoming creator contest put on by Vissla. Challenging you the wave conscious to up-cycle trash into a wave riding craft. Details and rules in video below.