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serviette or single fin

Donald Brink

Like the thread count in a serviette or the lumen rating of the pendant light of the corner booth. These things are elements of design that cohesively can elevate an experience. Crafting wave sleds is no different. Details, simplicity and a sense of wonder. 

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Euro Visit, Goat cheese,barrels and Asymmetric shapes

Donald Brink



Shaping in France/Spain 

Shapes,stoke and stories from afar

I’m not sure if writing dreams into journals is what makes them come true but when they do it makes the journey traveled mean so much more and the tastes and sounds more memorable than ever. 

Europe has a fascinating lure and the familiarity of certain colonial ties makes my youthful days ever fresh in the mind. 

Flew into Spain and made my way up to Hossegor in the South of France. It’s a beautiful setting and the Basque country hosts a beauty and history that demands reflection of the times and cultures established years ago and still serves as a border for nations. 

Vissla Europe is situated in Hossegor and they were the reality of a family to a traveling soul. 

Work began soon after a couple pumping Atlantic barrels, served with a brisk dose of off shore winds and a wrapping fair swell. The work and concepts are so familiar yet it seemed surreal to be getting to shape and perform these tasks I so enjoy on these foreign shores. Perhaps it was the croissants and cheese for breakfast or the drive past the old cathedrals on the way to the surfboard factory through the winding roads and tight arc traffic circles through towns, corn fields, forests and beaches all seen along the way. The stick shifts and two lane roads constantly reminded me of South Africa and the forests of pine trees stood tall casting dappled shadows across the land scape through the entire long summer days. 

There was a large variety of shapes on order and it’s these things I most enjoy. Serving the vision and fascination for any wave rider on any coast. The small wave models seemed ill fit for these shores with reference to my first couple surfs. It’s well known though that the tidal range and smaller days are often on tap and the asymmetrical advantages that can help you surf the way you stand will be the best addition to any stance specific rider. 

Vissla threw a party at their flagship store and it was packed, the community of surfers around the world is much like a tribe. Whenever I travel and share waves shapes and stories with like minded locals its a refreshing assurance that this life was created to be shared together and the joys of its fruit can be cultivated and bring balance to any vision where pure fascination drives progression. As surfers we are creators and innovators and with these things we can bring good life.

Moved up the coast to some shops and continued sharing the stoke, shapes and stories on the beaches with demo sessions and good times.
The closing run found our way back to Spain and ended at he Cosmic-Children festival where the Spanish put on a real show for the hospitality as a culture and ability as surfers and shapers. 

Thanks to every one who made this first trip so productive and rewarding. The memories are forever etched in my mind and the benefit of details of designs gleaned from so many surfers and shapers along the way will be forever referenced and applied to your visions in future shapes along this path.


To Fabrice at blend glassing, looking forward to your wizard tricks on the fresh sleds, thanks for your welcome invitation and neat factory.

To Derek O’neill and the entire StokeHouse Europe crew, you’re a family and I look forward to returning, thanks for your hospitality, neat vision and excellence in the vision for the servants of the seven seas. 

Adrien you’re the army knife no van can do with out, thanks for the fun and stoked approach.

Alain you are a crazy man, thanks for showing me around and going the extra mile. 

Taz, Johnny, Joules and Rob road tripping with you lads was great. 


The details in the sweet and savory nuances of goat cheese from the mountains can be difficult to articulate, but the motivation for excellence and an the applied vision can be imagined. Shaping surfboards is a beautiful thing and the details involved are endless. I look forward to continually applying thoughts and design toward building you the most excellent craft to suit your vision for the sea. 


Enjoy Your Water

Donald Brink

When is the curve round enough

Donald Brink


How do know when there is enough curve in a good board, or perhaps when is there too much. It's simple really. Just look. 

The ideal environment for this consideration and the creation of such form is better done with the accurate lighting and minimal distractions in the peripheral vision as one crafts in a good shaping bay.

What is more important is ones ability to see things when they look right. I often challenge people to trust their ability to size up and feel a good design. Years of holding boards looking at a freshie or your mates,or perhaps an "old faithful" in the carpark or on the shore. Under sunny skies or at your local favorite shop the sense of what you feel, see and sense,  has been framed by your fascination over time. 

If you shaping a board or just handing you leash-less friend his board in the shallows keep training your senses, its part of being a surfer that is earned and can be trusted as its enhanced. 

Enjoy your water

Donald Brink

Total Boat show

Donald Brink

Visit Jamestown Distributors to meet your tool and material needs. 

Visit Jamestown Distributors to meet your tool and material needs. 

The Daily Inspiration for marine enthusiasts Blog shared kind words and thoughts over the story board project. 

It's a fairly small scale in terms of the watercraft they feature. None the less we are craftsmen and women and inspire each other to complete visions imagined and the dreams we dream.

Enjoy Your Water

Total Boat Show