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Donald Brink

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Speaking a second language is an interesting thing because the depth of the conversations can sometimes be quicker to share with the words or phrases from one than with those available in another. The division of valuable parts of ones mind used to talk or process language may be felt and for most it seems to empower the concentration necessary to be articulate. Others it's an excuse for declining the option to engage.

I don't speak french yet but so appreciated the way the people put in effort to communicate with me. From buying a coffee or croissant or a those tasty little papillon's up front in the bakery, wrong grammar or conjunctive adverbs delivered with iambic pentameter off beat to a scene or setting seemed easily forgiven with a kind smile and an appreciation of effort to be included and have conversation.

The way people asked questions about the boards and the concepts was so refreshing. Carefully selecting words to explain things and answer the insightful questions in a way that you could immediately see whether understood or still left wondering was fun and certainly a pleasure to share.

Communication is a wonderful gift, it seems if we approach the things we value and are so used to sharing with familiar passion and urgency yet  now demanded to deliver them differently as though suffering recovery in verbal injury. Stories can be told differently to be understood all the same.

Thanks to Surf Sessions for the fun time at the office, the great and thoughtful questions included in this article. Its an honor to share with your readers and to all those who are able to enjoy the french pen, read on and Merci buku.