If you've ever been frustrated with a board you riding, or think you might be surfing it to less a degree than for what it was designed. Sign up here for stories, event details, specials offers and details of design in the boards.  Your details will not be shared, welcome to the conversation. DB

San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.

Clone Craft

Clone Craft Brink

*Recreate a trusted winner

*Update or tweak to suit your growing style

*Take advantage of sustainable modern construction options in effort to build trusted lasting sleds.

*Lost or stolen boards from decades ago. Send photographs, describe things best you can, dream,redesign or simply reference a period.



Golden old sleds from days gone bye, referenced, tweaked and updated to suit the next generation embracingmodern materials and familiar subtleties . Perhaps your first board, now too tired to swim but loaded with nostalgic value and a reference for your falling in love with wave rides and the sea being re-created. Maybe it is dad's old board you would have loved to feel. Perhaps dad needs a gift of youthful reminiscences to get amped on the shore break again. Hand shaping boards is a beautiful way to execute and express the design in mind. Understanding the conceptual elements is key fusing these together in harmony is best done with soul and intuitive reference measuring the details and creating a cohesive craft.

From photographs, film or falling apart foam. We can measure your dreams and make some magic.