If you've ever been frustrated with a board you riding, or think you might be surfing it to less a degree than for what it was designed. Sign up here for stories, event details, specials offers and details of design in the boards.  Your details will not be shared, welcome to the conversation. DB

San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.


Partner Shape

It is a wonderful thing making a surfboard. I get so stoked making every one. Why not get involved and let us share the experience. Take your design and creative imagination and lets bring it to life. Discussing related design and the effects of the incorporated elements. 
Every stage in the shaping process is repeated at least once and so the opportunity to show then share is a fantastic set up to get you on the tools and building your vision. 
Invest in your surfing.
Enjoy Your Water
Donald Brink

Some words from Stephan Jasper on his experince shaping:

”The aura of craftsmanship was quick to hit me after only a few moments with Donny in his shaping bay. With great deliberation, we discussed the intention of the board’s outline, rail shape, bottom contour, foil, and fin placement, giving us a refined vision of the 5’6” twin-fin fish that we planned to shape. After a few hours of shaping with Donny, I watched a rough blank of foam transfigure into a surfboard that performs exceptionally in the water and also gets bombarded with compliments as well as questions about its shaper. Thanks Donny.”

Some Partners in shape from the past months below.