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San Clemente, CA

These boards are all hand made embracing good design to have you best Enjoy Your Water.



Surfing is an incredibly deep activity that has us from various walks of life enjoying the many feelings and fruits it holds. I feel the responsibility to better a customers experience in the water is an incredible honor. I am known to approach the boards I shape with great bravery in the perception of their form and concepts. However my philosophy in life, surfing, shaping and especially board design is to keep things simple. Letting the harmony between the decided elements not appose one another. Water flows in a simple way, so should the incorporated concepts in your shape.

I thrive on custom shapes as I think the details in the experience you are looking for are hugely important.  To be known and understood before designing a unique tool for your time. Foam is your friend and fins are crucial. The fins we choose and ride needs to be carefully understood and considered. Enough to control and drive, but not so much that we drag overly finned pretty airbrushed boards up and down the wave face with little to no realization of the kinds of freedoms we could experience and enjoy. In reality the act of surfing and shaping are really simple. Surfboards are important for surfing. The ocean will always be Queen. We are privileged to be able to play in the sea. Enjoy your water.

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San Clemente, CA