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Issue 26.6 Article by Stuart Nettle (In Unequal Measure)

Issue 26.6 Article by Stuart Nettle (In Unequal Measure)


Fuel TV AS+ Action Sports Plus interview in Portugal with João Candeias

Fuel TV AS+ Action Sports Plus interview in Portugal with João Candeias

Greenroom Festival review. Talk translated with Shigeaki


Blue Magazine feature

blue magazine brink

Questions and Film Photos from Kenny Hurtado- Vissla

Questions and Photographs by Kenny Hurtado

Questions and Photographs by Kenny Hurtado

Los Angeles Times

LA times Surf Shape Stay

Surf Session French Mag

French but true :-)

French but true :-)

Carve Magazine On the Brink

Coors Light Refresh TV commercial

coors light Donald Brink Refresh
Coors Light Brink
Coors light Brink

Shred Show

Action Sports Express Show Live

ESPN live presented by Toyota of Escondido

ESPN live presented by Toyota of Escondido

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Surf Stay package add Travel Weekly

Surf Stay package add Travel Weekly

Surf Careers Article

March 2014
It is an absolute joy to go shape boards and be involved with their details for surfers everyday. Its been an honor to be included on the recent article by Australian based On-Line feature.
I guess when you dedicate your best thoughts and time of every day to provide something for the benefit of the end user its termed productivity for consumers and thus a career.
I feel it more of an honor and a joy and have been working hard to create a sustainable future for the demands of these thoughts and ventures.
The questions span a brief history of my youth and introduction to surfing, to current designs and motivations. I really enjoyed writing this piece for you as the answers to great and informative questions. Thanks to Matt and the crew at and to the contributing
photographers included: Shawn Parkin and Ben Classen
Click the Link below to the article, enjoy the read, enjoy your water.


Surf Splendor Podcast

January 2014 Interview.

Amidst a busy start to the year, there have been countless opportunities to witness and appreciate the delights this life brings.

Although I don't try build odd looking boards, the nature of committing to asymmetric changes from nose to tail and rail to rail to enhance a concept or create a forgiving change creates boards that can need a little explaining.

I am honored to have been included in the Surf Splendor Podcast series on the recent episode. It was a  great pleasure discussing a brief history and some board concepts with Mr. David Scales. David asked relevant questions that built on one another throughout our time and created a lovely dialog that you can enjoy. It is always great to have these thoughts challenged and explored by people who know little or lots about surfing.
What continually comes to mind in conversations like these is the fact that this opportunity to play in the ocean is simply a privilege and one must cultivate your fascination for the sea.
Check out other interesting interviews on the Surf Splendor platform.

Enjoy the feature by going to the link below or find it on iTunes or stitcher if you prefer.

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Liquid Salt Interview

September 2013


Transworld Business weekly (September 2013)

Shapers announced for Terry Martin icons of foam shape off at the Boardroom 2013

Donald Brink: Renowned for his asymmetrical shapes, Donald is also a big believer that the creative process in building a board should be shared between shaper and surfer. “Its an honor to be included in the conversations of surfing and surfboards throughput the world. Hard work, dedication to a passionate path and a commitment to responsibilities seems to be the common must-haves to things that are built over time and have a good effect on others and add to the world.”


FIat Spot : Day In the Life of Video Portrait

The New 4 door 500L and a shaping surfer/family mans uses.


Slide Magazine feature

(April 2013) Issue #25

17 pages on how why and some design.


Written by Chasen Marshall, and phtographs by Shawn Parkin.


BoardRiders Review from Sacred craft.
 Link Below

Mens File
Mens File Model
Mens File shed

With Southern California’s once emerging surf subculture now seemingly well past the point of complete saturation, it’s tempting to take a nostalgic look back to those simpler one-fin times of the late 1950’s and early 60’s at surf Meccas such as Malibu and San Onofre. Los Angeles-based clothing designer Kio Inagaki is especially fascinated with this time period because of its “refined style and uniqueness—a time before all the mass-production and commercialism, when surfers were riding their locally shaped boards and wearing clothes made in the USA.” Inagaki’s Yellow Rat label is inspired by clothing worn by early members of the WindAnSea Surf Club along with legendary surfers Phil Edwards and Lance Carson. Speaking of Edwards and Carson, their surfboards are on display at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente--which houses over 150 surfboards and serves to illustrate the evolution of surfboard design. The collection contains Simmons, Quiggs, Kivlins, Velzys, Brewers and includes boards ridden by the likes of Gerry Lopez, Duke Kahanamoku and numerous other legends of the sport. Also on display is a shaping shack built with wood from the late Dale Velzy’s old fence. It’s filled with Velzy’s tools and a balsa blank rough shaped by him. Up and coming San Clemente-based shaper Donald Brink recently visited Velzy’s shaping shack where he felt an “incredible appreciation for [Velzy’s] dedication to custom-built wooden boards—it was so much more of a labor of love back in those days.” Brink’s appreciation also stems from his personal experience shaping balsa wood surf craft inspired by the finless hot curl boards from the early ‘50’s. For his Revolver label, Brink looks at retro concepts for inspiration and builds user-friendly boards for the modern surfer. “There is definitely a trend right now where people are riding classic and retro boards without shame. You can go down to San Onofre today and watch kids drawing elegant lines with the class and style of the forefathers of surfing.” One such forefather is Walter Viszolay from Laguna Beach who started surfing in 1961, and now at 61 years old, still shapes and rides his own wooden longboards. “Being a surfer back then when not many people were doing it was really special. Things have changed now, but I still manage to find places that aren’t crowded where I can enjoy surfing similar to how it was back then—with my son Eli—now.” And so it goes—the spirit of surf stoke gets passed along to the next generation.—Gabe Sullivan